Planning Using Primavera Project Planner P3

Planning Using Primavera Project Planner P3
Paul E. Harris | 2006 | 85 MB

The book was initially developed as a training course manual but has been enhanced and updated so it may be used as:
A reference manual for those who are looking for a simpler alternative to the “User Manual”.
A self teach book for people who are unable to attend a training course.
As originally intended, for instructors to use as training course manual.
The book is designed to teach planners and schedulers in any industry how to setup and use the software in a project environment to an intermediate level. It explains plain English and in a logical sequence the steps required to create and maintain a schedule. It highlights the sources of information and methods that should be employed to produce a realistic and useful project schedule. It draws on the author’s practical experience in using Primavera software in a wide variety of industries. It presents workable solutions to real day to day planning and scheduling problems and contains practical advice on how to set up the software. It includes exercises, a large number of screen dumps, numerous tips and an index.
The book is aimed at:
Project management companies in industries such as the building, construction, oil & gas, software development, government and defense who wish to run their own training courses or provide their employees with an alternative text to the vendor supplied user manual.
Training organizations who require a training manual to run their own training courses.
People who wish learn the software but are unable to attend a training course but find the software manual reference manual hard going.

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