MisuraEmme and Atelier Brands – Interiors and Furniture

MisuraEmme and Atelier Brands – Interiors and Furniture
Tiziana e Giuseppe Mascheroni | 371 jpg | max 1700 x 1200 px | 54,4 MB

The set includes 371 interior photos by MisuraEmme and Atelier furniture industry’s brands. There are living rooms, cloakrooms, bedrooms etc. MisuraEmme collections are able to satisfy different lifestyles. The company founded in 1939 by Giuseppe and Luigi Mascheroni, skilled craftsmen of the wood sector, in 1970 became a modern industry called MisuraEmme with a new generation led by architect Tiziana Mascheroni.
This new generation explores new prospectives, new objectives, new challenges, following ideas that combine the strategic choices of design with the continuous search for top quality. The family’s intuition and business know-how is combined with the collaboration of the best designers in the business. Through its total commitment to the market, MisuraEmme has become one of the leaders in the furniture industry. On January 1, 2001 the firm changed its name to Tiziana e Giuseppe Mascheroni S.p.A., maintaining ownership of the MisuraEmme, Atelier and Gab brands.


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