Herman Hertzberger Lessons for Students in Architecture

Lessons for Students in Architecture
Herman Hertzberger | 010 | 2005-06-01 | ISBN: 9064505624 | English | Pages: 288 | PDF | 37.28 MB

This is a broad elaboration of the esteemed Dutch architect's lectures, given since 1973 at Delft University, crafted by the architect himself. It is divided into three parts: Public Domain, Making Space Leaving Space, and Inviting Form. More than 750 illustrations give broad insight into Hertzberger's "library"- as well as to those sources in which he finds inspiration. A book that will provide inspiration to anyone interested in design and architecture. Hertzberger clearly exposes the anatomy of architectural and urban elements and analyzes them for the student with direct references to architectural precedents. What helps make this book a masterpiece for the student is the diversity of his examples; examples culled from living Western and Eastern cultures as well as elements of his own archtitectural works. The book focuses on form and plan derived from human experience and need: both physiological and psychological. What sets this text apart from other works is that rather than teach style, Hertzberger uncovers the symptoms which generate form, allowing the student to develop his own tectonic vocabulary.


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