Sir Norman Foster

Sir Norman Foster
Philip Jodidio | Taschen | Feb 2001 | ISBN: 3822864196 | Pages: 200 | English | PDF | 17.18 MB

The building that finally catapulted the British architect Sir Norman Foster to the top - the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank - looks like a size XL microchip. It was to be far and away the most beautiful bank and it was certainly to become the most expensive. Now the architectural world looks eagerly to Berlin to find out what Foster's Reichstag conversion will ultimately look like.
Foster's architecture is a world turned inside out, whose structural supports, functional units and service ducts are exposed to the observer as a vision that is both fascinating and fragile. Yet the effect of this is always counterbalanced by his elegant juggling with modern high-tech elements. Foster succeeds like no other architect in positioning these elements so sensationally well.
In this new edition for 2001, Philip Jodidio captures Foster's achievement through 176 pages and 222 impressive architectural photographs.

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